Certificación en Aprendizaje Acelerado para Docentes & Escuelas

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Certificación en Aprendizaje Acelerado para Docentes & Escuelas

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There are a total of 10 Lectures (plus an intro and an outro) over a total of 55 Minutes. This seems like very little time, but believe me when I say that its MORE than enough time to create a website using WordPress!! Don't worry if all you have you used your computer for so far is sending and receiving emails... by following this course I can almost guarantee that you will be able to create a website using WordPress... and another thing... It will be awesome! Not only will you learn to create a website, step by step but I have also included a link to another video of mine which will show you how to make a logo for free! So go ahead and enroll today and let's make a WordPress Website... TOGETHER!
Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Check-List Section 3: Web Hosting and Domain Name Section 4: Installing WordPress and Logging In Section 5: Changing Our Theme and Adding Our Logo Section 6: Deleting The Sample Content Section 7: Finishing Off The Home Page!

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